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Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art

For twentyfive years (as of 2019), Düsseldorf’s Beck & Eggeling Gallery has contributed to the cultural scene in the most varied ways. With a considerable and high-quality roster of Impressionists, Expressionists and 20th century masters, Beck & Eggeling is a leading presence on the international art scene. A passionate dedication to the achievements of the past is complemented by a strong focus on contemporary art and on emerging talents. In addition, Dr. Ute Eggeling and Michael Beck initiate and organize large-scale international art projects outside the gallery space. With its ambitious and varied approach, the gallery is a participant at renowned art fairs throughout the world. To further its program, the Beck & Eggeling Kunstverlag has issued more than 100 publications. With texts by notable art historians and critics, these offer fresh insights into the achievements of individual artists and themes. In 2016 the gallery opened an additional location in Vienna.